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Connector Boots - Standard & Custom Rubber & Plastic Connector Boots

Plastic Injection Molding, Off-the-Shelf Connector Boots, Injection Mold Tooling

Our company offers connector boots and rubber and plastic injection molding services, for both standard and custom products. We also offer injection mold tooling for various types of connector boots, some at no additional cost to you. Please see below some of the products we offer:

     Slip On Connector Boots for RJ45 Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, and cat6 Patch Cords
     Plastic Connector Boots for Shielded and Unshielded Connectors
     Color Coded Snagless Flexible Connector Boots & Rigid Plastic Covers for RJ45 Connectors
     Slip On Connector Boots for RJ11 and RJ12 Cables
     Multimode 3.0mm Connector Boots
     Multimode 1.6/2.0mm Connector Boots
    Right Angle RJ 45 with Uniflex Strain Relief TN Connector Strain Relief Boots - Solid and Flex Configurations
     Connector Boots for RG-58 Coax Cables
     Connector Boots for RG-59 Coax Cables
     Connector Boots for RG-62 Coax Cable Assemblies
     Slim Connector Boots for Video Cables with standard BNC, RCA and F Type Connectors
     Connector Boots for Audio/Video Cables
     Sillicon Rubber Connector Boots for Home Theater Connections
     Connector Boots for Cars, Motorbikes & Small Machine Tools
     Elastomer Connector Boots for Coaxial Cables

Our specialties:

     Strain relief connector and strain relief boot applications for Molded Custom Cables.
     We offer Design, Prototyping and Cable Manufacturing Services
     Our service includes Small, Medium and Large Lot Sizes.
     Great competitive advantage in low volume, high-mix molded cables
     Custom Molded Cables for OEMs and Cable Assembly Companies
     We supply Over-Mold Tooling Design For Both The OEM & Cable Assembly Companies.
     We provide in-depth injection molding training for OEM and Cable Companies
     We offer hundreds of thousands of off the shelf tools, boots, grommets and other over molding products that significantly reduce the cost of any project
     We service customers throughout the world with strain relief boots and strain relief connectors.

Some of the most popular implementations are:

Rectangular Molded Strain Relief Connectors:

 Champ ribbon,
 Champ .050,
 Champ .8MM, 

 M series

 High Density D-Sub


Circular Strain Relief Connector and Strain relief Boots

Audio Strain Relief Connector Over-Molds

Coax / Twin-ax Molded Cables -

 N Connector

 F Connector

 Mini UHF


Modular Strain Relief Boots and Connector Over-molds

Molded Power Connectors

     Molex Connectors
     AMP Connectors

Molding Specialty Cable and Connector with Strain Relief Boots


 Rib Stop

 "Y" molds
 Clam Shells

PCB Over-molds

 100 x.100





(.100 Edgecard, .125 Edgecard, .156 Edgecard, .100 Receptacle, Modu Mte .100, Modu Mt .100, 3m Chg, .100 Header)

    Over-Molding Embedded Circuitry, Embedded Circuitry Cables and Devices

Types of connectors we assemble and over-mold as well as related services we provide:

 Computer connectors

 Patient monitoring
 PC board connectors

 Plastic connectors
 Potted / Potting connector
 Receptacle connector
 Rectangular connectors

Services / Applications


For Off-the-Shelf Rubber and Plastic Connector Boots, and Injection Molding

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